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Top 6 Healthcare Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs In India

The Indian healthcare industry is amongst the fastest growing service sectors in the world. Within the next decade, it is expected to grow at a rate of 15% every year. India has also become a major centre for medical tourism. People from around the world visit the country to get treated for numerous problems.

However, the dark part of this silver cloud is that there are still millions of people in the country who cannot access and afford a decent standard of healthcare. Catering to these people are the many healthcare NGOs in the country. These non-profit organisations have been doing yeomen service to uplift and improve health standards for people in urban and more importantly, rural, India. Here are the 6 best non governmental organizations which are working day and night to improve the healthcare system in the country.

Note: These non-profits have not been listed in any particular order.

Top Healthcare Non-Profit Organisations in India


lepra societyLEPRA Society

LEPRA Society is involved in helping people who suffer serious diseases such as leprosy, AIDS and tuberculosis among others. The Society implements several initiatives focussed on improving women and child health. They have been awarded by various organizations for their efforts in eradicating leprosy in various states of India such as Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

uday foundation healthcare ngoUday Foundation

Although Uday Foundation is not directly related to healthcare, it plays a very important role in this sector. The Foundation is essentially a support group that helps families with children suffering from serious illnesses such as congenital defects, growth disorders, and other syndromes. Uday Foundation has done substantial work towards strengthening child rights scenario in the country. It supports research aimed towards development of new technologies in healthcare.

arvind eye care system ngoAravind Eye Care System

Aravind Eye Care System is a drive against blindness. The NGO uses a special “assembly line” method for treatment. This method has increases productivity by 10 times and increases the number of cases that the NGO handles. Owing to its unique method, Aravind Eye Care System performs more than 300,000 optic surgeries every year. Also, 70 percent of its services are offered at subsidized prices or freely to the poor.

smile foundation NGOSmile Foundation

One of the largest non-profit organisations in India, Smile Foundation has two healthcare wings called Smile on Wheels and the Smile Health Camps. Smile on Wheels (SoW) is a national level program that focuses on providing a wide range of promotive, preventive and curative health services to the underprivileged section of the society. Smile’s vision through SoW is to provide affordable, accessible & advance health care facilities at the door steps of the underprivileged communities. Through their health camps, the organisation arranges special healthcare camps to provide preventive, curative, referral and promotive health services. In the next two years, Smiles plans to reach out to 500 districts.

Deepalaya non profit organisationDeepalaya

Deepalaya is one of the most popular healthcare non-profit organisations which works in improving rural healthcare in India. This NGO also deals with several other issues such as education, child rights, institutional care, care for the specially abled, and gender equality. Deepalaya has also launched a mobile service called Chameli Dewan Memorial Rural Health & Mobile Clinic. By coordinating with existing healthcare institutions, the mobile service has managed to increase immunizations and reduce infant mortality in the rural areas surrounding New Delhi.

Udaan non profit organisationUdaan

Udaan works with mentally handicapped and spastic persons. The foundation aims at bringing brain damaged children to the mainstream and helping them lead a more independent life. Ever since its establishment in 1994, Udaan has worked with children as well as their parents, and has succeeded in enabling these children to find gainful employment. The NGO educates parents about these diseases, home management, selecting schools and several other related works.

Together, these NGOs definitely raise the standard of average health in India. If you feel for any of these, then take time out to participate in their events. A few hours in your busy life can change the life of another human being.

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